Scientific Research

No blog for you today. The last 18 something hours have been spent in an informal scientific research project.

(Stop reading now if that is all you need to know)


Tentatively I’ve titled it:

“Reproducibility and Practical Applications (if any) of Intermittent Non-Magnetic Levitation of a Human Body Due to the Interaction of the Norovirus, the Gastrointestinal Tract  and a Porcelain Receptacle”


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  1. Posted by misbeHaven on 29.01.13 at 11:52

    You have my sympathy.

    I can also tell you that the interaction of the Norovirus and the GI tract can proceed (reproducibly) without the porcelain receptacle. However, the practical application of said receptacle is to minimize the subsequent use of cleansers and disgust of your family.

    Get well soon.

  2. Posted by Suz on 29.01.13 at 11:52

    Ugh. Sleep and don’t get dehydrated.

  3. Posted by Erin Palette on 29.01.13 at 11:52

    Practical applications? It’ a thrust effect, innit? Chemically powered and all that…

  4. Posted by kx59 on 29.01.13 at 11:52

    Yikes! Jeez Bob. I suggest avoiding human beings in the future. They are highly contagious.
    All I can offer is get well soon. This is going to be a rough ride.

  5. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 29.01.13 at 11:52

    Hang in there buddy — Jack Daniels may help.
    Paul in Texas

  6. Posted by Cormac on 29.01.13 at 11:52

    So this would be a bad time for a social call?

    Let me know if you guys need anything…I’ll just leave it on the porch.