Research Update

Test Subject has survived initial and phase two (don’t ask, you really don’t want to know) sections of the research and has resigned from all subsequent activities.

Preliminary indications indicate a full recovery physically likely but mental status remains unknown.

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  1. Posted by James on 30.01.13 at 15:01

    Well, the good news is that in the case of an outbreak, your body would readily reject the T virus.
    The bad news is that the zombies would get to eat you because you would likely be immobilized in short bursts for quite some time.

  2. Posted by Cormac on 30.01.13 at 15:01

    They’d have to get through his family first, James.

    And we’ve seen his daughter shoot…That girl loooooves her some recoil (pretty handy with the m44 bayonett, too).