Plans for D.A.B. III

Since I’m talking about making plans, anyone want to make plans for Dallas Area Blogshoot III?

No….okay then …….

Oh. some of you do, Okay then how about Sunday May 26, 2013?
That is Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. The location will be the private range where I belong; henceforth to be known as Super Secret Shooting Scene.

There will be some trade offs involved in using the SSSS; we have a lot more rules to comply with, we will share the range with current members out for both match events and casual shooting and we do limit what can be shot (no full auto, no .416/.50 BMG, etc) but the range has skeet/trap available, several pistol/rifle ranges and a meeting area that is air conditioned with indoor facilities.

[singlepic id=413 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We also have 2D and 3D archery targets available.

I plan on recruiting some current members who are readers (looking at Paul & Bill), some family members who are members (TR & Ash, Texas Father in Law) and some other club members to help out; we need a club member present any time a guest is shooting on a range or area. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting enough people to help out.



And unfortunately, there will be fees involved that I’m just not in a position to cover for everyone. There is a $5 per person guest fee. I think a round of clays will be $6.

MY plan currently is to have lunch on site and shoot longer during the day. Figure we could start earlier and stay longer that way. I was thinking of providing the hamburgers and/or hotdogs and asking folks to chip in with a desert or side dish. Using the club provides a chance for the people who don’t want to shoot all day (I know hard to believe they exist ) a place to relax away from the firing line. There is electricity available for recharging phones/tablets/etc, airconditioning and plenty of space for other activities

So what do you folks think?  Want to have another blog shoot?


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  1. Posted by Daddy Hawk on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    I’m in for sure this time unless I’m on my death bed. I might even be able to convince The Queen to join us given the facilities. She and I can trade off watching M&M unless she stays with the in laws or Mimi.

  2. Posted by Bob S. on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    Daddy Hawk,

    My son and daughter in law will attend, I hope, and have their 3 young kids with them. The grandkids are 4, 2 and 7 months so M&M should have some play companions. It is one of the factors that I considered when thinking about using the club.

    Glad you are planning on attending. Can’t wait to meet M&M -you and the Queen will just be a side note 🙂

  3. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    May 26 sounds good to me. I will help if at all possible, which as of today looks good.
    Paul in Texas

  4. Posted by James on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    I may have to sit this one out, that is me and Mrs. Redneck’s anniversary.
    She and I will have to talk about it, but I’m not real sure how well that might go over.

    With ammo availability being limited, it sounds like the only thing most of us could do is trap or skeet shooting.

  5. Posted by kx59 on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    The Southern Belle and I are in.
    A 5 dollar guest fee is a no big deal.
    May…hmmmm…. time to start scrounging for pistol ammo.
    .22 LR we’re ok on. 7.62 x 54R we are good on. 9mm is nonexistent…range rounds anyway.
    Tactical we’ve got but I’m not punching holes in paper with that.
    Time to start planning.

  6. Posted by Bob S. on 15.02.13 at 05:32


    Understand the anniversary angle — maybe you could celebrate the day before and then join us on Sunday?
    Just trying to help a fellow gunnie out 🙂

    I’m concerned about ammo availability also but have a little to shoot up. If nothing else, I’ll buy another spam can of 7.62x54r and we’ll shoot Mosins all day.


    I was hoping you and Belle would be able to make it. Have to have the original zoo crew together again. I’m trying to get this organized early so people will have time to plan and scrounge — going to take me that long to find some .45ACP and 9mm I think.
    And some .22LR — have some but never enough.
    We’ll have access to the Falling Plate Rack on one of the ranges; it is a hoot to try to clear the rack with a .22.

    Figure between the food and shooting we’ll keep busy for the day.

  7. Posted by Riley on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    Pencil me in as a solid maybe. My wife will around 8 months pregnant with twins so it just depends on how everything is going with that. I discovered your site right after DAB 2 and am a reg reader, so if I don’t make this one I will sure try for #4.

  8. Posted by Cormac on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    “Want to have another blog shoot?”

    Bob, this was rhetorical, right?

    WooHoo!! Blogshoot!!!!

  9. Posted by Will Brown on 15.02.13 at 05:32

    Thanks for the invite, Bob. I’m in Tyler, so the commute isn’t too bad and I’d like to come. However (you knew there was something, right?), that’s right in the middle of the mandatory O/T, push everything out the door you can, peak shipping season for my employer. And a real popular weekend for scheduled vacation.

    No promises (don’t even pencil me in yet), but if I can make it, I will.

  10. Posted by Bob S. on 15.02.13 at 05:32


    Thanks for reading and hope you can make it. Always glad to meet another reader –thanks for sticking around . The shoots are a lot of fun and this one should be the same.


    Of course it was rhetorical – but watch out might name you the next community organizer. It would serve you right. Start collecting ammo ’cause we are going to run through some.


    You are welcome. While we call this the “Dallas Area” blogshoot, we really want to make it the premier Texas or north Texas blog meet and shoot. We did schedule the shoot so people could attend on Sunday and make it back to where they have to be on Monday. Hopefully you won’t be working that weekend.