Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser

Linoge, at Walls of the City, is proving once again that he is a bitter person clinging to his guns, religion and money blogger who donates a considerable amount of time to help others.  Keeping track of the money raised, the prizes donated and publicizing this fundraiser is no small task. And in case it hasn’t been said enough, Thank You Linoge for doing this.

So, exactly what is he doing? Helping a great organization raise money.

Current Total Donation Amount: (1800 19FEB13)

$665 + $100 match

So far that is a substantial sum and I’m sure it is only going to increase before it is all said and done. Here are the rules. Remember — these are HIS rules so send HIM the email/receipts, okay?

The Rules:

The rules are a little different than last year’s exercise, so pay attention.

How to Earn a Ticket:

1.  Every five dollars you donate directly to Honored American Veterans Afield nets you one numbered ticket.
2.  DO NOT SEND ME MONEY.  All money and goods should go directly to HAVA.
3.  DO SEND ME THE RECEIPT.  Anonymize it however you like, and use the actual receipt or a screencap.  Send the receipt/proof to “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”.
4.  Use an email address you check at least once every 24 hours.
5.  Within 24 hours, you should receive an email from me indicating your ticket numbers.  If you do not, feel free to email me again or comment here.

To be honest before Linoge started this, I had never heard of HAVA. So I checked out their website to see what they do.

Thank you for your interest in Honored American Veterans Afield [HAVA], a 501[c]3 non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of the returning disabled veteran whose healing and re-integration into American life can be substantially enhanced by participation in hunting and shooting sports. It is organized and is controlled by a group of Sustaining Sponsor companies from the shooting sports industry whose sole interest is in assisting the disabled veteran with his or her return to a normal life. HAVA events are conducted according to the highest ethical and safety standards, and much of the money, equipment and venues for HAVA activities are donated by the Sustaining Sponsors, other sponsoring companies, individual contributors, and other interested people who contribute to the HAVA mission just for the satisfaction of helping those to whom we owe so much.

Pretty cool idea and Linoge has some information on how effective their program is monetarily.

And as a personal note to the gun banners, gun control advocates, and politicians out there – THIS effort show what the  gun culture in this country is really about.

Please join the effort to help our disabled veterans.


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