Pending State Legislation

These bills are working their way through the biennial Legislation; let try to push our Senators and Representatives into passing a few (or all) of them.

House Bill 47 reduces the class time required for a CHL to 4 to 6 hours from the current 10 or so.

House Bill 508  Makes it illegal for a public employee to wrongly post or provide notice that a place or building is posted 30.06 (prohibited for Concealed Carry ). This would be helpful because some public employees are illegally posting notices.

House Bill 698 a — This one is really needed. Currently everyone has to submit digitally taken fingerprints to the state to get a CHL. Problem? Some areas don’t have an authorized location with easy travel distance. Heck, here in the metroplex there are only 1 or 2 locations near me. The bill allows changes to rule to allow for normal finger printing if there is no facility within 25 miles.

House Bill 700  OPEN CARRY – this bill would let anyone with a Concealed Handgun License Openly Carry in the State. I really want this one to pass.

Senate Bill 182 and House Bill 972  Campus Carry  — It does not make sense that we trust people to carry on one side of an imaginary line but not the other. Schools are not more stressful then other places (like roads, eh). And the majority of people who are qualified to carry aren’t the 18-21 year olds living on campus getting drunk every week the media and the antis try to make them out to be. They are the veterans, the cops, the homemakers and people seeking second careers.

Senate Bill 299   Hadn’t heard of this one until recently. It is a great idea. In Texas, if your firearm “prints” (is discernible because the shape is visible through your cover garment) or is or is otherwise noticeable, even accidentally,  then it is not ‘concealed’. And that comes with a hefty fine. This bill removes the penalty for accidental exposure. Even if we pass Open Carry, we still need this bill because many folks will still carry concealed.

HB 1077  Parking Lot bill for colleges and universities — makes sense to keep them from implementing policies on what students can keep in their cars.

HB 1078 Removes the penalty for carrying on college or university premises. I would rather remove the restriction completely but this works also.

HB 1142  One to make the nannies and ninnies wet the bed. Teaching the 2nd Amendment and firearm safety in high school as an elective course. I like it but low priority. It would be a start to changing the culture .

HB 1194   Another Open Carry Bill. Will have to look at the differences between this and HB700

HB 1298  This one is needed. Currently if a school is having a field trip someplace; any CHL holder near by or in that location suddenly is violating the law. This would remove that restriction for everyone not a student, teacher or associated with the field trip.

HB 1304  House version of SB 299 removing restriction against inadvertent or accidental display of a concealed firearm.

Find out who represents you (if you don’t already know) here and let’s get on the ball contacting them. Lots of great bills here.
We don’t have to just resist the anti-rights bills; we can push to expand our rights and keep the antis on defense.



5 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by teke on 20.02.13 at 09:58

    A agree with you on all of these.
    On HB1298 I can see your interpretation. Has there been a case, precedent, or any indication that the current regulations would be interpreted this way. This is more out of curiosity than anything else.

  2. Posted by Bob S. on 20.02.13 at 09:58


    I haven’t seen a case in the news regarding it so it is probably a proactive measure. I have wondered about it when going to the library, the museum, etc.
    The law reads like a logistical nightmare and mens rea (intention to break the law) does not matter.

  3. Posted by RabidAlien on 20.02.13 at 09:58

    Awesome! I wasn’t aware of most of those. I’d love to see all of them pass.

  4. Posted by Will Brown on 20.02.13 at 09:58

    Not too sure of the necessity for HB 1304/SB 299; TPC 46.035 specifically requires a CHL holder to “deliberately fail to conceal” in order to be prosecuted for the firearm being visible. The statute specifically mentions “inadvertent exposure” as NOT being criminal and includes the gun being visible in outline (printing) under the clothing. I appreciate the clarification being made, but question the necessity for two separate bills that essentially simply restate the existing law. Awful lot of sizzle for so little steak.

    I’ve taken a quick look at HB 700; this seems to make open carry language part of a bill addressing state liquor and gaming law changes. I certainly hope the pickpockets legislature cleans this bill’s language up so as to make clear the addition of the phrase “or unconcealed” in every location in Texas statute where the phrase “concealed handgun” appears. Cuts down on confusion if nothing else.

    Looks like a reasonably good legislative session for gun owners in Texas this year.

  5. Posted by Riley on 20.02.13 at 09:58

    Yea I want the accidental flashing, and the OC in a bad way. But I would love to see them all pass.