Indications of Winning

are all over the place. Even the most unlikely of places.

For those of you on Facebook, try searching for “gun trader”.

West Texas Gun Trader, DFW Gun trader, Fort Worth Gun Trader and many, many, many more.

The media won’t tell you about these groups. They’ll report about N.I.C.S. checks being down (if you have nothing to sell, there is nothing to check for), They’ll talk about how ownership is down using figures and polls from years ago.

Another sign of winning — one of my best friend’s daughter is shopping for a pistol. For her Concealed Handgun License. She doesn’t currently own a firearm. She’s not the only one and while women are getting the CHLs in record numbers, the men are also stepping up and getting their licenses.

We have a long way to go before we can say we won  so don’t let up. Keep calling your state and federal reps — let them know how they should vote on the issues.

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  1. Posted by RabidAlien on 27.02.13 at 07:44

    Mrs.Alien and I stopped by the Bass Pro up in Grapevine over the weekend…after tossing pennies at the duck (hey, if the 4-year-old doesn’t get to chunk change at the aquatic fowl, NOBODY is gonna be able to shop happy), we moseyed over to the gun counter. I think I counted a half dozen TOTAL semiautos in the case. There must have been 4 glass cases completely empty. Found the shelf-tag for the Shield, it was priced at regular retail price, not the jacked-up cost we’ve seen elsewhere. No wonder it was gone!

    Oh, and there will be two more CHL packets sent in in the next month….and if anyone has any doubts about how many folks are taking classes, just try signing up for one, and then try scheduling a fingerprint session. Our class is at the beginning of the month…and the earliest fingerprint slot that was open is at the end of the month.

  2. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 27.02.13 at 07:44

    I notice you made a comment about NICS checks being down. It is probably true that they are down, but this has nothing to do with demand (as the antis would like) it probably has much more to do with the recent spike in gun and ammo sales depleting the supply. This leads to fewer gun sales due to less guns available for sale.
    I know you already said that, but it deserves repeating.
    Paul in Texas

  3. Posted by Bob S. on 27.02.13 at 07:44

    Repeat it over and over again as needed for people to understand.

    The shelves are empty; that is why checks are down.
    As Tam said “These aren’t people buying guns to turn them in”.

  4. Posted by Sabra on 27.02.13 at 07:44

    Our Bass Pro Shops looks much the way RabidAlien describes his. They went from two empty cases to maybe a dozen pistols; even the pricey Kimbers were gone, and the lone used gun was right with the new ones whereas until pretty recently they had their own case. (That was one of the first two to empty.) This happened over the course of maybe three weeks, by the way.

    It also seems as thought pro 2A bumper stickers are up, as are pro-Secession ones. We only saw a handful today, but considering Bexar is a blue county and has been, it’s pretty significant.