Selective Contact With Reality

Joan Peterson “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence board Member, co-president of the Northland Chapter of the Brady Campaign, President of  Minnesota Million Moms March, Spokesperson for Protect Minnesota ; aka Japete” displays something that I’ve seen all too often around the web recently.

In real life, shooters go to schools and shoot at children as young as 7 and as old as college students on a fairly regular basis. In real life, innocent people are shot for wearing a hoodie while walking in a neighborhood, for playing music too loudly, for texting in a movie theater, for egging someone’s car.

For some reason, anti-rights cultists have suddenly woken up and realized that shootings can happen for trivial reasons (Zimmerman excluded despite her claims) — being disrespectful.

This isn’t a new problem. This isn’t a result of changing gun laws. They are showing their opportunistic nature and ‘gun control’ agenda by only highlighting these shootings. For decades; gangs have been shooting and killing each other for being ‘dissed’. For decades drug cartel members fought and killed people if someone slighted them; sold drugs in their territory for example.

America, we have a problem. It’s unimaginable that the daily carnage of gun violence does not ping the collective conscience of our elected leaders.

Gun Control Advocates; you have a problem. You don’t seem to focus on the shootings in Gun Control Paradise aka Chicago; last year they had over 500 homicides; many by firearm many killed due to gang activity. Where is your outrage over that?

Where was your outrage over our country’s capital Washington D.C. being Murder Capital of the country for decades? Funny how shootings seems to have dropped off in the district now, isn’t it?

I find it disgusting that anti-rights cultists like Joan only show concern about “respect” or “courteous” when it is a “white” shooter — even if the media has to invent a new shade of white (White Hispanic) to justify their agenda.

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