New Type of Gun?

Sgt. Julie Pleasan of the Houston Police Department; could you do me a favor and let me know what type of firearm this woman used?

Witnesses said Burks pulled up in front of the studio, located in the 3300 block of Bissonnet, around 9 a.m. and appeared to be recording the station.

“I saw this silver Camaro looking car just, you know, right there with their flashers on on the side of the road and it looked like the lady was just holding up her phone and videotaping the building,” said Katherine Koinis. “I thought it was very strange, but didn’t really think anything of it.”

She then pulled out a gun and started shooting. Four shots were fired into four cars, and another five struck an upstairs corner office in the building. There was a woman working inside at the time.

I would really, really like to know. Because I’ve never heard of a firearm that could do what you say

“We did recover casings from the parking lot, we also recovered casings from the building,” said HPD Sgt. Julie Pleasan…

Casings for the building? From shots fired in the parking lot ???


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  1. Posted by jefferson101 on 28.03.14 at 12:00

    Got to be a 7.62×25. If you have ever tried to collect reloadable casings from them, you know that they put at least 10% of them into low earth orbit.

    Second floor? It could happen. We’ve had them throw casings over my buddy’s house. 21′ at the peak, and we found them in the front yard.

  2. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 28.03.14 at 12:00

    LOL, or a CZ of most types. Seems them Czechs don’t want the brass to land in their country when they’re shooting.

    You shoot a CZ-52 or 82 in Prague, they sweep up the brass in Budapest!