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I hear this argument far too much from the liberals. They don’t understand that banning guns is not going to do anything in America. For one, we actually don’t have any idea how many guns are privately owned in the US. Mostly because congress keeps voting against any sort of tracking system. So we have a department of Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco but lets just forget about the firearms part right? Cause ha ha second amendment, can’t trample that!

One of the few times a anti-rights cultist actually admits that a gun ban won’t work. Of course that is much different from saying she doesn’t want to ban firearms isn’t it? And why won’t it work; because Congress won’t violate the Constitution sufficiently to require registration of firearms.

And don’t you love the straw man argument about the ATF ignoring firearms because of the 2nd Amendment — as if they don’t enforce all those pesky laws on the books (at least against non-government people)


For the record, I think the conservative view point on this is kind of stupid too. When the amendment was written they were talking about muskets. Guns that took 60 seconds to load just about each time you used them. They weren’t talking about assault rifles and machine guns.

And how unaware is the person using the 1st Amendment to trash the 2nd but doing so on a computer using the internet. And we’ve repeatedly shown the Founding Fathers were actually quiet aware of various rapid fire weapons; from the Puckle Gun to Volley Guns. I wonder if any of the Founding Fathers got to shoot the “Nock Gun” — invented prior to the writing of the Bill of Rights.


Also, sorry, you don’t need fancy sniper rifles and sub-machine guns to guard your house. A double barreled shotgun would make anyone piss themselves and all you’d have to do is shove it in their face.


And I do remember leaving a comment about this — how it isn’t the Bill of NEEDS but the Bill of Rights. No one needs a computer, a blog, an internet connection but here she is writing away without a thought about Irony. Of course we might not need a sniper rifle and sub-machine to fend off a criminal (ignore that whole bit about gangs and riots) but we might need a sniper rifle and a sub-machine gun to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. After all, in recent history governments have killed millions of people. Communist China, Soviet Russia. And let’s not forget the troubles in Africa or other places where dictators thrive.

What we need is to find a middle ground. You see, banning guns or some sort of gun buy back wouldn’t work here. Libtards like to claim “Well it worked in Australia! Yeah that’s not America. Their gun culture and mentality was far different from ours when they did the gun recall. They are not America. You cannot compare a country that is very unlike America to America. Especially when it comes to guns. Guns are a whole culture in this country. I know, because I’m kind of a part of it. I have a CCW (Concealed Carry Permit) and I responsibly own a gun. I carry it as well. It’s for protection. I know how to use it safely and also maintain it.

Didn’t address this on her blog — but how many times have we heard this “I’m a gun owner but…..”


I think that guns are not only a great self defense thing, but an amazing hobby. Shooting is a great skill as well. Not everyone is good at it or can be good at it. There are many reasons to learn how to operate guns. If you are educated and do it safely, guns aren’t really a problem. Guns, specifically, as in the literal object, aren’t dangerous either. It’s the people that get the guns and what they do with them. Banning guns won’t stop people from killing. Trust me. They wanna kill bad enough they are going to kill. Knives, fire, strangulation, axes, chainsaws, yeah people can still kill. Guns just make it faster and the body count higher. It will cut down on body count, but guns aren’t the only murder weapons we currently have. People have hands, people can strangle. Guns being the worst thing ever, that mentality needs to stop too.

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I didn’t address any of that because I agree with it.

A gun ban is impossible in America, and here’s why. Right now, in this country, we have no way of knowing how many guns there are. We don’t know how many people own guns or how many guns any given gun owner has. Even if the government made it completely illegal to own guns privately, how well do you think that would work? They could even go completely rogue and start searching houses. People would hide them. People would make sure guns were not there. Since the government doesn’t know how many guns there are anyway or who has them, a door to door search would not only be unconstitutional but it would be irrational. Even people who don’t intend to commit crimes with guns would still hide them. I’d hide mine, I wouldn’t turn it in. My roommate said the same. Everyone would do this because everyone would know that everyone was doing it as well.

I did address this because I felt that the whole aspect of people manufacturing their own firearms was overlooked. As well as the fact we have organizations smuggling drugs in by the hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. How simple would it be to change to smuggling in firearms.

I also believe that I pointed out the philosophical nature of our legal system; innocent until proven guilty. Given the numbers — let’s use 500,000 firearm related violent crimes and approximately 50,000,000 gun owners (yes I know that is a low estimate) — that means only 1% of all gun owners (assuming each firearm related violent crime was committed by a separate gun owner) were involved in a crime. I question whether or not the guilt of 1% is enough to burden the other 99% with restrictions and invasion of privacy.

Because congress keeps opting out of any sort of tracking system or mandatory background check, that’s why there are issues. Even a waiting period and mandatory background check would halt a lot of people from getting guns. If we started tracking them NOW that would at least be a start.

And yet again we come to the fantasy that if we just require a background check on everyone; criminals will suddenly start following the law. Instead of stealing firearms or using straw purchasing — as they are doing now — to obtain firearms they will suddenly find themselves unable to obtain firearms. Gee maybe we should require universal background checks for purchasing illicit drugs.

Yet the fucking conservatives cry that it’s a violation of their rights, when they are all for the patriot act which allows any information about anyone to be public record. Almost. My point is that they hate the idea that the government will watch their guns, but they’ll allow the government to spy on everything else.

And I do remember mentioning what a great strawman argument that was set up. Like conservatives don’t care about anything but ‘gun rights’ — which makes the whole “Tea Party” movement a little hard to understand. Of course she didn’t mention the liberal support for the act nor the fact that many people on both sides of the aisle have fought tooth and nail against that abomination. Oh no — see conservatives are the bad guys who like big intrusive government.

So we have two parties not working for an actual solution. The right wants to keep guns and you can pry them from their cold dead hands. The left seems to think that writing a law to ban all guns will make the guns all disappear. No one is trying to work for a middle ground. The best thing to actually do here is to compromise.

Of course I did go into the entire fallacy that we haven’t compromised. The 1934 National Firearm Act, the 1968 Gun Control Act, the Hughes Amendment, the 1994 Assault Weapon ban. Any more compromises like those and we won’t have any 2nd Amendment rights. I did ask if the idea is compromise; what exactly is on the table from the other side. What law, what regulation, what restriction, what rule are they willing to repeal to get something they want…..well, you can see her answer above.


Yet because our congress has become incredibly split and both sides extremists, we are making less progress than ever. Even worse, the liberals are the dominant party right now. The liberals are the kind of people who cave into feminism, who listen to idiot feminists. The left, they are trying to actively cater to SJWs and are seriously the kind of people who support “White Privilege Conferences” which, by the way, is an actual thing and they’ve been doing it for 16 years.

16th Annual "Feel bad about being white" Conference Banner


I ignored this part completely —

The problem is, that neither side is willing to budge. This isn’t going to fix anything, especially not on the gun issue.

I wish I had did this on the comment that never saw the light of day — but I’m going to flash back to something from the earlier part of the post.

. Guns, specifically, as in the literal object, aren’t dangerous either. It’s the people that get the guns and what they do with them.

It’s the people but instead of addressing the PEOPLE Problem — nope it slides quickly and typically back into the “gun issue”. Notice how despite firearms being ‘not only a great self defense but an amazing hobby’ the firearm is the focus. Not more jail time for violent criminals. Not easing laws to increase the ability of people to defend themselves; nope — as usual it is how can we make it harder for people to get firearms.

This leaves us middle ground people, who don’t identify with either party to sit here, shaking their heads. I don’t even vote any more, or at least rarely. When I do, it’s not for a specific party it’s for the lesser of two evils. For the past, I don’t know how many years, I haven’t truly liked either candidate I just knew who I liked slightly better. This needs to stop. There needs to be more middle ground. Congress needs to act more like adults instead of pissy little children or peace loving hippies. If we don’t change soon, the feminists and SJWs are going to be in charge via congress and trust me, NO ONE wants that.


I didn’t address this directly but I did discuss it in the part about compromise. I’m tired of the middle ground. I’m tired of people like this nibbling away time and time again our rights. enough is enough. I find the lack of self awareness to be truly amazing — Doesn’t even vote any more but wants Congress to act more like an adult. Well, how about “Physician heal thyself” and get out there and vote for a Representative or Senator that will act like an adult.

Now most of you know me, my style and my viewpoints quite well by now. This fisk is entirely inline with the comment I left on her blog — a comment I challenge her to post so everyone can see if her claim about it is true.
I won’t hold my breathe waiting to see if she posts the comment. I also find it hilarious she left the comment on an obviously inactive blog with a direct link to this blog; makes me question her ability to comprehend basic facts (as if her post hadn’t sealed that deal).

I do have one request — could someone help me understand how I can be both a conserative/republican and a extremist left wing Christian at the same time?