It’s Wrong, I Shouldn’t Laugh……

…..but seldom has Karma been delivered so fast.

Two would-be suicide bombers have died in Pakistan after an explosive device detonated as they fought each other, it has been reported.

The two men were killed in an explosion near Khayam Chowk in Sargodha, in the country’s Punjab province on Saturday morning.

Eyewitnesses claim the men, who were believed to have been wearing suicide vests, were sitting on a bench engaged in discussion before their deaths.

I will spend a little extra time doing penitence this week……how long depends on how I can stop laughing.


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  1. Posted by kx59 on 09.06.15 at 18:32

    “how long depends on how I can stop laughing.”

    I will lift your burden my brother and take your pertinence as my own. While I am not a religious man, I am pretty sure I will laugh longer than you as I have no qualms about this. hee. sniggle. snort. bwahahahahhahahahah.