Couple of Questions Mr. Obama.

……you said these types of killings don’t happen in other developed countries.

Gunmen stormed a beer hall in northern Mexico in broad daylight on Friday, killing 10 people before stripping the bodies and stealing all their money, police said.

Several armed men arrived in two vehicles before attacking people inside the bar in the municipality of Garcia at around 3pm, an official in the state prosecutor’s office said.

The assailants stripped seven bodies naked and left with 10,000 pesos ($650) in cash, the official said on condition of anonymity.

So does this killing not count because Mexico isn’t “developed”?
Or does it not count because there wasn’t an obvious race issue involved?
Or does it not count because Mexico has the type of restrictive gun control laws you only dream about?

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  1. Posted by Erin Palette on 21.06.15 at 07:22

    I imagine the answer would be “They wouldn’t have had those guns if it weren’t for the eeevil US sharing a border with them. Why, if we just get rid of our guns, then their gun problems will magically go away!”

  2. Posted by Divemedic on 21.06.15 at 07:22

    Here is a list of spree killings. Seems like they DO happen

  3. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 21.06.15 at 07:22

    Good to see you back.
    Obama needs to tell the people of Norway that the 69 young people killed at their island retreat really never happened.
    You cannot arm a slave and expect him to remain a slave. You cannot dis-arm a free man and expect him to remain free.
    The true goal of people like Obama is not to make us safe, it is to make us helpless, so they can control us. I believe this is why they will use every opportunity such as the recent killings to enact policy and or laws to strip law abiding people of their ability to effectively defend themselves.
    This is why they will never quit, and is why we must never quit.
    Paul in Texas

  4. Posted by Well stated | Off the Cuff on 21.06.15 at 07:22

    […] portion of a comment from this post nails it.  It also explains why the political class are doing what they are […]

  5. Posted by James on 21.06.15 at 07:22

    Like padlocks, laws are only going to affect the people who wouldn’t think of bypassing them in the first place. Putting more laws in place, whether on acts or on objects, will do nothing to reduce the original offense the law was aimed at stopping.

    I don’t run stop signs. Not because I’m concerned about a ticket, but because I don’t want to get hit by another vehicle. Most people don’t murder others because they understand the value of life, not just because there is some law out there.
    Laws against certain actions can be useful as a guideline of a societies moral standings, but when you get into the world of banning THINGS under colour of law (because you either believe them to be evil or the use of them to be evil), then you are being disingenuous as to what laws are really for and what human nature really is.