R.I.P. – Elsmar’s Cove

For those who are in the same career field; you’ll recognize the name.
The Elsmar Cove Mission
To be a free Business Standards Compliance and Business Systems Information Resource to Quality Assurance, Engineering and Management Professionals.
People Helping People since 1996!
Sorry, folks. After over 19 years continuously online, starting out as QS9000.com, Elsmar.com is now permanently closed.

There’s nothing else I can say, other than that I am proud to know that over the last 19 years tens of thousands, probably more like hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of people have been helped, for free, by some wonderful people who have voluntarily helped people with answers to their business standards and other questions over the years in the Elsmar Cove forum.

Hadn’t stopped in there in a while, I wish I had. There was a lot of useful information and great people in the forums. Many thanks to all who made it a success over the past 2 decades.



9 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tina OBrien on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    NOOOOO!!!!!! What? Why? I feel empty.

  2. Posted by Katapult on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    Yes indeed: WHY??? Half the internet gone?!

    Anyone knows the reasons?

  3. Posted by Andre on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    Is all its content lost forever?

  4. Posted by Bob S. on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    Does look like all the content is gone. The website is down completely – at least for now I hope.

    I don’t know the reasons, I visited and found the announcement when I went to do some research. Very disappointed, a huge resource is gone now.

  5. Posted by Ed van den Enden on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    Really sad to see free professionals kicked from the WWW.
    Stars and stripes more and more get exposed and associated as one big scam of money making control freaks.
    Why not moving the content to the European Union, where freedom still has some meaning for the normal under us.

  6. Posted by Ilse on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    Unbelievable?!! What’s wrong with helping each other out, with sharing useful information between professionals?

  7. Posted by Kenneth on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    What happened. I need this site. This site is second to any other.
    Can anyone take this site over?

  8. Posted by bob on 01.07.15 at 12:28

    We’ve started a replacement site. Going strong.
    Give us a try.