Not All Public Health Issues….

.are the same. Apparently, some are just run of the mill news stories that don’t get the 24/7 coverage.

Nearly three dozen cases of Legionnaires’ disease, a severe, often lethal, form of pneumonia spread through the air, have been reported in the Bronx over the last two weeks in what the Health Department is calling a concerning “unusual increase” in cases.

Thirty-one cases have been reported in south Bronx neighborhoods, primarily in High Bridge, Morrisania, Hunts Point and Mott Haven, since July 10, the Health Department said. Two of the people stricken with the condition died.

One or two people get shot and the anti-rights crowd goes into over-drive using the deaths. 31 people sick and 2 deaths in just over two weeks and this is barely getting any attention; please don’t tell me the media doesn’t have an anti-gun agenda.

Or how about this ‘mass murder‘?

Two teenage boys were taken into custody early Thursday after running from the back door of a house in eastern Oklahoma where five of their relatives were found stabbed to death, according to police.

Sgt. Thomas Cooper, of the Broken Arrow Police Department, said officers had been summoned to the residence late Wednesday by a “open 911 call,” in which no one spoke after dialing the emergency line.

After tracing the call, police sent units to the home in the leafy bedroom community of Broken Arrow, southeast of Tulsa.

Police said the teens — ages 16 and 18 — were seen running from the house and were tracked down to a small park area behind the house about an hour later by a K-9 unit.

Could any of the news anchors tell you the name of the murderers and what problems they had? Probably none outside of Oklahoma. Just doesn’t get the same coverage as 2 people shot in a movie theater; even with a higher body count.

Don’t tell me the media doesn’t have an anti-gun agenda.

I understand the media can only report so much (despite some of them having 24 hours a day to fill) but the obvious bias in their reporting is disgusting. Auto collisions with multiple fatalities run for a day in local areas unless there is a sensational hook; drowning deaths barely get mentioned before the anchors toss it over to Chip for the rush hour traffic. Don’t tell me the media doesn’t have an anti-gun agenda.

We probably will not be able to change the media; too big too focused on the bottom line – profitability – to really care about the truth or the less sensational stories. What we can do is keep pointing out their bias, keep trying to check their slant at least a little. We can use their story selection and wording to point out the issue to the less informed. It is slow progress but it can make a difference.

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  1. Posted by richard on 29.07.15 at 21:34

    Quite typically I am adverse to finding fault without offering solution. In this case I make an exception, the solution is plain and obvious. But why would they insert their agenda into what should be simply reporting the news? While it may be about profit as you suggest, I say it is about power and control.

    The many liberties we enjoy all hinge upon the 2A. History is replete with examples of a defenseless people with no option but to capitulate to central authority. Naturally, that authority becomes one individual. And those closest to the king will hope to be rewarded with favor. So the rats crawl over each other in their attempt to ‘out report’ one another in order to gain prestige with the heir apparent, or at least those political winds which align with a future authority.

    Still discontent, they seek to create that future to better enable them to feather their nests. They are those formerly known as news reporters. Heck, they are not even entertainers any longer. They are traitorous apes who loathe freedom of the people because it is antithetical to their engorgement on power. Yet, like the recent example of ‘jihadi John’ proves, their self-aggrandized is at the pleasure of their idol but they don’t like to acknowledge that.

    Nonetheless, it is that ancient battle of goodness and evil at play. While it is ancient, it is never only of the past for each new manifestation is in the current time. Therefore, it is only a long string of current events. It has been this way since the beginning. Yet, because this enmity always exists in this moment there also exists the hope that they would turn from their ways, to see the light as it were. Either that or we just shoot the SOBs.