Hey President Obama !

One of those things that just don’t happen in other countries happened again.

(CNN)[Breaking news update, published at 9:30 a.m. ET]

Twelve people — including five Malian soldiers — died as a result of a hostage situation and ensuing battle between the attackers and soldiers at a Mali hotel, Malian state-run broadcaster ORTM reported Saturday.

Earlier, a spokesman for Mali’s President told CNN that officials believed the dead included five soldiers, four attackers and three civilians, but that the toll had yet to be confirmed.

I’m just wondering why the President of the country felt it was necessary to lie.

Could it be, like most other anti-rights cultists, he has to lie in order to push gun control?

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  1. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 08.08.15 at 10:01

    Its not like he hasn’t heard of the Utoya Massacre. I believe the hoplophobes are no longer pushing for gun control. The new phrase is gun safety.
    Paul in Texas

  2. Posted by kx59 on 08.08.15 at 10:01

    Obama’s entire life is a lie.