First Post Back …

And all I’m going to do is point to Hsoi’s blog. He has a post that should be a must read for just about everyone.


It was yelling, and while I could not determine what was being said, I could certainly tell it was the voice of an adult male or maybe males — I couldn’t determine a number (certainly 1, maybe more). The noise concerned me because I live in a quiet neighborhood, and there was no reason to have yelling, especially at that hour of the morning while it was still dark outside. Naturally, this highly unusual event gave me great concern.

I called out to my wife to get her attention because I figured she heard it too and perhaps had a better bead on what the noise was (and I wasn’t quite done on the toilet).

From this point on, everything unfolded quickly. In fact, it will probably take you longer to read this than was the actual duration of the event….


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  1. Posted by Erin Palette on 06.01.16 at 20:50

    Good to have you back, Bob!

  2. Posted by Erin Palette on 06.01.16 at 20:50

    Oh, btw… the link doesn’t work.

  3. Posted by Sailorcurt on 06.01.16 at 20:50

  4. Posted by JPD on 06.01.16 at 20:50

    Good to see you back. Hope you enjoyed the vacation. Now….back to work on the blog.

  5. Posted by Hsoi on 06.01.16 at 20:50

    Hey Bob.

    Thanx for sharing my story.

    – John “Hsoi” Daub.