I’m Bob S. an average man, husband and father living in Texas.

I started this blog to talk about politics, society and our rights.  While I do this for my purposes, I hope that others will take away positives thing from this site.

I tend to post about the 2nd amendment, politics, today’s society, Scouting and various hobbies -mostly photography.

The title of the Blog came from quote by the famous author UNKNOW

We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. 

Since I don’t talk much about court cases, I decided to shorten it to 3 Boxes.
Please understand that the Soap Box, the Ballot box are to be used long before the Ammo Box
I hope my blog reflects that.
Most of the “ammo box” posts come from my wanting to document my journey into learning and using firearms.

Thanks for stopping by

“If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he can not complain if after a while, the law follows his example” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.


Contact me at 3boxesofbs_AT_gmail_Dot_Com

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    […] Bob S., over at 3BoxesofBS, offers a good illustration of the “one percent doctrine” applied to the carrying by private citizens of personal firearms in public places.  In his book, Suskind argued that the Bush Administration treated threats with even a one percent likelihood as certainties.  Similarly, Bob argues here that his anecdote about a robber beating a woman and stealing her ring shows that he must carry everywhere he goes–because it happened in a nice neighborhood. […]