Remember, No One Needs “Large Capacity Magazines”

A popular spring break celebration near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus turned violent Saturday, prompting officers to release tear gas into crowds.

Santa Barbara police said in a department statement early Sunday that more than 100 people were arrested throughout the course of the day and evening.

Approximately 18 people were arrested during the actual disturbance, police said.

The police were eventually able to get the situation under control. Of course that didn’t do much good for the people whose property was damaged before that.

Some vandalized street signs, set small fires, and damaged property, including law enforcement vehicles, police said.

Think you would feel comfortable trying to keep 18 people from setting your property on fire? Keeping 100 people from breaking into your house or store?

Those numbers were just the ones arrested; the actual crowd/mob was much, much larger.

The incident unfolded in the 6700 block of Del Playa Drive about 9:30 p.m. at the event, known as Deltopia, which drew about 15,000 revelers.

Now most of the people there were fairly law abiding but even if a  small percentage 5 to 10% is 750 to1,500 people were out to cause trouble, it is easy to see how inadequate reduced capacity magazines would be. Anti-rights cultists often say there is no need for regular capacity magazines or firearms with high rates of fire. Of course, they usually say this far removed from cases like Deltopia or Louisville or Chicago or Norfolk Va. Or Minneapolis or hundreds of others.

The truth of the matter is simple; human nature really hasn’t changed. Not in the 2oo something years since the Bill of Rights was written. Not in thousands of years. There always have been and seemingly always will be mobs / hordes / tribes / gangs / pick one of thugs who harm others for either pleasure or profit. Changing the number of rounds a person can have in a magazine doesn’t change human nature. Until we evolve past this, until we no longer have individuals and groups who will break the law; limiting self defense really isn’t common sense.

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Another Misleading Headline – Fox News Edition

It isn’t just the liberal/left leaning media that gins up controversy through misleading headlines; Fox News does it also (albeit less often it seems). Take this one from yesterday.

Islamic group gets go-ahead to cut crosses off NY church

Given the known propensities of the media, before I started steaming I thought I would actually see what the issue was. Turns out it was the right decision; another case of much ado about nothing.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. –  A city board on Thursday gave a Muslim group the go-ahead to remove six crosses from the roof and spires of a century-old former Catholic church so the now-vacant Gothic structure can be used as a mosque.


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse closed the church in 2010 and merged the parish with that of St. John the Baptist because of a declining congregation as population shifted from the city to suburbs. The North Side Learning Center, a nonprofit group that provides literacy programs for immigrants, bought the church and its school and rectory for $150,000 in December.

Couple of points to address here.

First the church isn’t the building; it’s the people. The church can meet anywhere; in a home, in a stadium, in a field or empty lot. Christians don’t worship a building as the spiritual dwelling place of the Lord on Earth. That spot is in the hearts and minds of the Christian.

Second, even if an argument could be made about the building being the church; it stopped being one 4 years ago. It’s a vacant building.

Lastly, it’s their property to do with as they want. If the Catholic church had wanted the crosses to remain, then they shouldn’t have sold the building. But since they did, the non-profit group has the right to remove any element of the building.

Fox News — shame on you for a very misleading headline.

Perception Shift

I’m in my 50′s. Been into computers since High School; took the first computer programming class the school ever offered way back in ’81.

I should be very aware of storage capacity and limitations but some things sneak up on even the most aware. Today it really struck home how much things have changed.
I need to work on some documents at home so I sought out one of the USB thumb drives our marketing folks distributes as the industry version of ‘gimme’ caps.

My initial thought on looking at it was “How quaint*; 512 MB — not even a full Gig or a 2 Gig drive.”

Of course, there was more then enough room on the drive for all 200+ documents; not even 40 megs of worth of files. Realized I’ve been spoiled by how fast technology has advanced and how cheap components are now days. Makes me thankful for the times we do live in.





* Or something to that effect minus the sentence enhancers and more colorful phrasing.

Recent Ft. Hood Shooting

As per my normal practice and policy; I’m not going to offer much commentary until the facts are known.

Until then, I will be offering prayers for the victims and their friends and families. I hope others will join in with thoughts and prayers for healing and comfort.



Meet Officer Brice Woolly

Officer Brice Woolly works for the Ardmore Oklahoma Police Department. He was assigned to investigate complaints of an aggressive dog loose in a public park.

Sarah Brown said her family’s 2-year-old pit bull, Cali, escaped the yard of their Ardmore home Wednesday, and police said neighbors reported the dog running loose.

Police said the dog was wearing a collar but no tags, and animal control officers tried several times unsuccessfully to catch the animal and determine its owner.

A mail carrier had reported in January that he was confronted by a dog that matched Cali’s description, but a neighbor said she knew the owner and took the dog home.

No problems with his actions so far; dogs should be kept in yards or on leashes per local ordinances. An aggressive animal should be controlled as soon as possible. I do question how much effort was made to capture the dog but I wasn’t there and I haven’t been an animal control officer so let’s credit the city employees with a good faith effort.

It’s what Officer Brice Woolly reportedly said afterwards that should get him the appropriate attention.

A neighbor told Brown that she did not see police shoot Cali, but she heard the shot and saw the officers’ reaction.

“Did you see the way its collar flew up into the air when I blew its head off?” Woolly told the animal control officer, according to the neighbor. “It was awesome!”

The neighbor said Woolly also bragged about shooting another dog with his handgun a few days earlier.

Way to stay classy there Officer Brice Woolly.


12 Years Ago

I asked one of the most important questions in my life.

She said “yes”

6 months later we were married.


I’d ask again today, tomorrow and every day of my life.

Love you Kimberly

Seeing Race Everywhere — Except…Er…Uhm…Sometimes

I don’t always agree with Bill Maher but he is often willing to skewer both sides.






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