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I am not responsible for any of the statements in the video (even if I might agree with them)

Been A Good Couple of Days

On Saturday, the gun club held an event that is sure to become an annual activity — Ladies Day At The Range. It was a great day; a little over cast but that kept down the heat. A little humid but there was a breeze at least. And the turn out was great. By the time we took a break for lunch, we had some folks who had to leave…..but we still had a crowd.


Lunch cooked by the gentlemen of the club; ladies were too busy teaching and shooting(click to enlarge all images – opens in new window)

We started the day with 80 ladies signed in for the experience. We offered 45 minute sessions for Introduction to Handguns, .22lr Pistols, Cowboy Action shooting, Air Rifles, .22lr Rifles, Archery and Trap.

I didn’t get any shots of the .22 pistol session but most of the group were hitting 8″ steel plates at 20 yards consistently.

Ladies Day Cowboy Action-1

The Cowboy Action session proved to a big hit with everyone. Some went into it hesitant, unsure they would be able to handle the rifle and pistol (.38 special) and especially the shotgun. This proved to be a non-issue, everyone was able to handle the Joe Biden approved method of home defense.

Ladies Day - Biden Approved

Air Rifles proved to be a draw — but for a different reason; they were much harder to master. The Club sponsors an Air Rifle field match so we set up the targets and it was challenging for the ladies to get hits — on the targets that were 30 meters out !
Ladies Day Air Rifle

Trap was another interesting event; the wind had started picking up by the end of the day for us. Still some of of the folks were managing to go 6 for 15 on the day.

Ladies day Trap


— and yes some of the ladies did wear pink out for the day. It really made me laugh to see it but the majority of the ladies weren’t.

Ladies Day - Pink Apparel


Sunday my best friend arrived from Tennessee, he’ll be here a while looking for a house and a job. I’m glad he’s moving back to Texas.
Monday I spent some time at the range with my daughter; didn’t get any pictures of that but we spent 2 hours turning money into smoke and noise.

And on Monday I got some good news that I’ll share soon.


Hope your days have been as good.

Lies of the Antis – Part 89,002….

or higher. I loose track. This news article has two of my lies the anti rights cultists tell often.

#1 — That defensive gun uses really don’t happen.
#2 — That even if you carry/have a firearm; it won’t do you any good once the criminal(s) drop on you.


One of the other things that came out of this anecdote is the how the firearm provided an equalization; one elderly man was able to overcome the actions of 3 younger – and one of them armed – men.

The news media is starting to cover more and more of these stories; actually reporting on the specifics instead of playing up the “man with gun kills choir boy turning his life around” angles.

P.S. – anyone else catch another lie – this one wasn’t stated in the report or the victims words?

Couple of Questions Mr. Obama.

……you said these types of killings don’t happen in other developed countries.

Gunmen stormed a beer hall in northern Mexico in broad daylight on Friday, killing 10 people before stripping the bodies and stealing all their money, police said.

Several armed men arrived in two vehicles before attacking people inside the bar in the municipality of Garcia at around 3pm, an official in the state prosecutor’s office said.

The assailants stripped seven bodies naked and left with 10,000 pesos ($650) in cash, the official said on condition of anonymity.

So does this killing not count because Mexico isn’t “developed”?
Or does it not count because there wasn’t an obvious race issue involved?
Or does it not count because Mexico has the type of restrictive gun control laws you only dream about?

Dear Gun Club Member Part 457

Please understand I’m not trying to be snippy but it simply that I do not possess the power of telepathy.

So when you send an email asking me to change your email address to “” from that address with the name attached as “Joan French” ; I am going to have to ask you to provide a little more information. Especially when your previous address was “”.

I do appreciate your reply telling me you are “John Doe” and by the way; here is my new and old street address and phone number. Those are the type of details that might have been a little helpful the first time around.


Just venting here because those of my readers who are club members never cause me any grief like this !

Competing Claims

This made me laugh, of course some people say it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.
I was looking for the transcript of the oral arguments. Couldn’t find it yet but I did find the Amicus brief for the en banc hearing and before.
I read the Everytown for Gun Safety Amicus and found:

Everytown for Gun Safety is the largest gun-violence-prevention organization in the country. It has over 2.5 million supporters, including over 275,000 California residents and the mayors of over 50 California cities.

Okay….but earlier the Brady Bunch Campaign had filed also.

Amicus Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is the nation’s largest nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated to reducing gun violence through education, research, and legal advocacy

Now this filings are months apart and the wording is slightly different -so it is possible both are/were correct. But the numbers are very telling. US Census bureau reports the adult population of California is estimated to be 29,528,702 – so 275,000 supporters – that is 0.931% of the adult population (assuming that Everytown ONLY counts adults as supporters – which I would doubt). Not even a full percentage point of the population as supporters of the largest gun-violence organization.

Meanwhile in  state where most counties makes it darn difficult to get a Concealed Carry Permit – 52,521 people (per Calguns 2013 PDF Alert) have a permit. Oh, that is counting non-government personnel only. 0.177% of the adult population. So only 5 times as many people support Everytown as people who have actively and successfully gotten a carry permit.

Again this struck me as funny (as in Oh that is so sad) way.
Please join the discussion. 

Shot But By….

…..possibly his accomplices?

. | Dallas-Fort Worth News, Weather, Sports

Sounds like it from the report unless some neighbor had a shotgun involved.