Locals – Save the Date: Feb 21st

It’s that time of year again for us lucky locals; the Boy Scout Troop’s annual Pancake Supper.

This is a tremendous deal and a better fund-raiser for the Scouts. For each ticket sold by a Scout, half the money goes into his Summer activities account. Some kids can pay entirely for their Summer Camp and/or backpacking trip.

The rest of the money is used to buy new or replacement troop/patrol equipment; tents, stoves, ropes, etc.

The Pancake Supper is held at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Cooper St. in Arlington.

Saturday evening Feb 21st from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All you can eat pancakes, bacon, and/or sausage. Along with Milk, Coffee and Orange Juice.


All for just $7 per person.

Hope to see a few folks there.

Caffeine — Where Art Thou Caffeine

Caffeine seems to have deserted me. Left me in a dire time of need.

So if anyone has seen it or my motivation; please let me know where to find them.



Criminal Mindset

I normally don’t name criminals, especially murderers, on this blog. Part of that reasoning is to deny them the publicity they want. Sometimes though, publicity is the last thing they might want. So for that reason, I’m naming – Artrai Alexander — the car jacker who was taken down by the minivan mom and her boyfriend. Mostly the minivan mom; Mr. Alexander, I hope that fact follows you for a very long time.


Fox 4 news had a brief clip of a jail house interview with Artrai Alexander – take a look.


Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

Now, let’s think about some of the statements which shows Artrai Alexander (and to some extent many other criminals) mindset


Alexander told FOX 4 that yes, he stole a Dodge Challenger and yes, he drove crazily while trying to get away from police.

However, he does not take any responsibility.

He claimed the car’s owner pulled a gun on him earlier in the day, and that he did not stop because he was afraid police would shoot him.

Because someone else committed a crime; possibly, maybe, he claims; it is okay to commit another crime. He didn’t call the police, he didn’t avoid the situation, he didn’t try to work out their differences (if there were any). Nope, he stole a new $25,000 vehicle.

Next, after committing a crime; he believes it was acceptable to endanger other lives to avoid jeopardizing his own. Says a lot about how he values other people eh? He risked many lives, including driving at high speed through a school zone, just to keep from possibly maybe, he claims from being shot. Gee, I wonder why he might think the police would shoot him. Anyone else notice the first pictures of Artrai Alexander was a 2009 mug shot?


And the reporter is absolutely right about denying responsibility.

Liesmann’s 13-year-old son, T.J., was also in the van when it was hit, and police said Liesmann was like a mad mama bear, hanging on to Alexander until officers arrived.

“She’s pretty tough, huh?” FOX 4 asked Alexander.

“Yeah,” said Alexander. “Thumbs up to her…I want you to understand my upset-ness as well for being put in that situation

Emphasis mine — he didn’t do anything himself; he was ‘put in that situation. Excuse me if I disagree Artrai you and only you are responsible for the situation. Ever wonder how criminals can justify the horrific acts they do? Easy, they blame some one else.

This is a great example of why I do not agree with the mentality and advice of ‘just give them what they want’. I don’t know what they want, I don’t know if doing so will keep me safe and I don’t know if they even see me as anything other than a walking resource.

We don’t need gun control. We need to gain control of social values that raises up people like Artrai Alexander. We need to implement laws that reduces the chance of someone like Artrai Alexander being able to repeatedly endanger the public for his own gain.


Please join the discussion. 

Done Ran Into The Wrong Minivan

There is at least one crook in the world glad to see the cops show up.



Thug car jacks a new Dodge Challenger and in getting away ran into the wrong minivan. Way to go Jessica Liesman, we need more people like you and your boyfriend.

Illustration on Why I Own a Car

Can readily be seen in this image – might have to click to enlarge to see the entire image.

Against Public Transportation

If you look carefully you can see a little difference in the routes and by a little difference I mean an hour longer if I take public transportation. I plotted this route to find a possible store I needed to visit for business reasons. If I value my time — at least as much as the company does – I wouldn’t take the public transportation route. It would eat up 1/4th of my day just getting there and back.

And of course Weer’d Beard points out another reason why I don’t like Public transportation; it isn’t always available when you need it.


Not Expecting a Reply ….Part 2,895,004

I know that the people who really need this information will never reply, never change, never even know I’m doing this in order to keep from committing general mayhem……but at least it keeps me out of jail.

Dear Gun Club Member’s spouse– 

I greatly appreciate your prompt payment of your spouses annual dues. I would request one slight favor; please actually include your husband’s name on the check. Between separate bank accounts and on-line bill paying systems that use your name; sometimes it is difficult to associate Jane Doe with the correct “First Name” Doe.

Dear Hotel Guest down the hall –

I really appreciate the technological marvel you are using for an alarm clock. The level of sound achieved by that portable device is absolutely astounding. I didn’t appreciate hearing it at 3:30 a.m. two out of the four nights at the hotel. I did marvel at your ability to sleep though 15 or 20 minutes of it after the rest of us on the floor was roused by it.

Dear Fellow Commuter –

You don’t know me. You don’t know that I habitually get to the office at least 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start of my work day. I do hope you’ve learned the futility of tail gating me. On a side street. With 2 open lanes available for you to use; one on either side of me. I found your insistent that I move out of your way appealing to my contrary nature; the more you kept closing the distance, the less I felt the need to maintain my speed. Which, if any law enforcement officials are reading is not admission of guilt, could have been in excess of the posted limit.

Dear Other Fellow Commuters

Of the love of all that is holy; learn to MERGE on a highway. It really is a simple process – use your turn signal, accelerate or decelerate to position your car in the open space, take turns (like a zipper). Your poor planning, lack of attention or general insistence on the right of way — which you do not have !!!! — does not constitute an imperative on my part to give way to you. I really try to be polite and let those who do a minimum of the necessary steps merge easily. But again — see the above comment. I have lots of time which apparently you don’t.


Dear Telemarketer

I realize you have a job to do. It isn’t your fault that you are not selling anything I’m interested in. I listen politely to your opening line and then politely inform you I’m not interested. Continuing to insist I listen to your pitch may not be in your best interest. Sorry your boss came on the line and chewed you out after I asked you to wait while I a.) took dinner off the stove, b.) kissed my wife goodbye as she left for work, c) thought I heard the doorbell {twice – are you really that slow}, and d) had to get the fire extinguisher to put out the cat because it got on the stove to get the dinner.
I do appreciate your insistence that I would be right back. But I lied. I’m not really sorry your boss chewed you out.


Dear Gun Club Member Paying Your Dues –

I say this with an absolute of jealousy. I find it absolutely fantastic that the company you own or work for would be willing to pay your dues. But please for both our sakes (and often that of the poor accounts payable person) have them (or you do it) put your actual name on the check. Or in a note accompanying the payment.
This way they don’t have to call me in 90 days wonder why check #123456 from ABC Fence and Pawn hasn’t been cashed yet. Or you have to call me wondering why you got a past due notice.

Dear Iowans –

Thank you for an warm and friendly stay in your great state. But you folks are out of your effing minds if you think I’m going to move up there. Great place to visit but I’ll come back when the temps are 3 or 4 times higher than the high during the week. 22 is just a little chilly for my blood and this -8 degrees in the morning didn’t make me want to get out and walk around your town. Or walk anywhere.



Freedom of Press or Police Orders?

I’m still processing this video; not quite sure how I feel about it. The video is a backdrop to this tragic story.


Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

On one hand, I think the press is way too intrusive. I believe that all too often the media, especially video crews, are too quick to get information on the air. The voracious 24 hour news cycle has led organizations to push the limits; especially the bounds of decency. I’m not sure there was anything that couldn’t have been broadcast from the studio in what Saul Garza reported from the scene.

There is also a valid reason for law enforcement to control a crime scene. The public needs to be protected from possible further violence, evidence needs to be preserved and in some cases the very evidence collected needs to be shielded from immediate dissemination.


On the other hand, the deputy was clearly out of bounds; in so many ways. First, there was no justification for moving the news team away from their location. It was stated they were going to be bringing in more equipment. HUH? Were they going to park it in the yard? I could see asking them to move the news van but not to step away from the location. The freedom of the press is well established. The freedom of people to be where they are legally able to be is another principle too many of the police simply choose to ignore.

I thought it was hypocritical for the deputy to insist on not being touched while blocking the camera, holding her hand over it and generally bullying the news team under the color of law. Nor should any law enforcement officer, in uniform, be allowed to block their face from being legally recorded.

And her mangling of the law was appalling. Someone’s yard isn’t private property because it is within the city?? Seriously folks that is sad.

So what do you folks think?  Please join the discussion.