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Date Line Arlington Texas
July 25, 2015

Rumors have been verified as true; your humble scribe actually made it to the range and SHOT firearms

For hours.


And then there was a BBQ.

As a result; your humble scribe is toast. Might post pictures when they arrive from our field correspondent
(meaning I was too busy having fun to take them myself).

Hope your day was as good.

Oh Joy

Ever think about the less obvious “joys” involved in changing jobs?


Such as:

The joy of learning different parts of the town. Or in my case entirely new cities for the most part. Haven’t worked in Big D in 30 years.

Related to that is learning where and when the roads get congested, ways around the traffic jams, where the pot holes are and how deep !


The joys of learning  new places to eat or not.


The joys of learning new terms and jargon. It is absolutely stunning to realize how terms I don’t know and how much slang each industry develops; often very different slang for the same terms in different industries.


The joys of filling out medical, dental, vision, 401(k), emergency contact forms, etc.

Yep, I know -first world problem eh- I am blessed not only to be employed but to have such benefits.


The joy of trying to remember dozens of new names and faces.

I can usually remember one or the other; it is matching them up which gets me in trouble.


And there are so many others little joys such as getting lost in the building on the way to meeting your boss’s boss.


And there is true joy also; knowing your family is a little more financially secure, being able to make useful contributions in the first two weeks, and working with like minded folks.


So what do you like about changing jobs?

Sorry — Life Interrupting

New Job, traveling, friend in town, planning a shooting event this weekend.
(Any club members who are readers, email me for details — the more the merrier).


I promise one day soon (please insert very loose definition of soon) I’ll back to our regular programmed blogging.



Fair? You Want Fair —–

Work for it !!




Sorry but any more fairness out of the government/liberals and everyone will be flat broke.

HILLARY CLINTON, CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT: Now today — today, as the shadow of crisis recedes and longer- term challenges come into focus, I believe we have to build a growth and fairness economy.

And just how much of that crisis was generated by the government mandates, laws, regulations, actions — and effing inaction ? A large portion of it Mrs. Clinton. Mortgage crisis exacerbated by the requirements from regulators that more loans be made in low (and no ) income areas for example.  My taxes keep going up and the only thing keeping pace with them is the number of rules I have to follow; in my personal life and in business. Let’s not kid ourselves here; this isn’t code, this is flat out calling for more income redistribution.

You can’t have one without the other

Well, according to you we already do. And for decades it was a system that lifted millions out of poverty. Strangely enough it was working quite well until we declared “War on Poverty“.

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau is scheduled to release its annual poverty report. The report will be notable because this year marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. In his January 1964 State of the Union address, Johnson proclaimed, “This administration today, here and now, declares unconditional war on poverty in America.”[1]

Since that time, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all military wars in U.S. history since the American Revolution. Despite this mountain of spending, progress against poverty, at least as measured by the government, has been minimal.

This week, the Census Bureau will most likely report that the poverty rate last year was about 14 percent, essentially the same rate as in 1967, three years after the War on Poverty was announced. As Chart 1 shows, according to the Census, there has been no net progress in reducing poverty since the mid to late 1960s. 

The static nature of poverty is especially surprising because (as Chart 1 also shows) poverty fell dramatically during the period before the War on Poverty began. In 1950, the poverty rate was 32.2 percent. By 1965 (the first year during which any War on Poverty programs began to operate), the rate had been cut nearly in half to 17.3 percent

So we are supposed to elect you as President to do what couldn’t be done in your first try as Co-President?
When do we stop doing the same things over and over again ?

More importantly, when do we admit that ‘fair’ isn’t always a desirable goal? Should everyone have a fair chance? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean every chance will work out the same for everyone. Some people will have bad luck and have to start over. Some people will run into medical problems that derail their plans.

And some people will flat out simply work harder, longer or better than other people. It is ‘fair’ that they get to experience all of the results of that hard work. And that does include more money then some people could ever spend in a lifetime or 10 lifetimes. And yes, it means that some of those people will chose to be selfish with their money. For me it is fair; they earned it, they get to determine how they spend it or not.


Let’s not kid ourselves about her ‘plan’ it is still more tax and spend. I do have to wonder why Mrs. Clinton waited until now; surely as a Senator she had a chance (after chance after chance…) to introduce such legislation.
Sorry Mrs. Clinton but unless you come up with something new; I don’t think I’ll be voting for you.

Please join the discussion.

Can Kicked – Again

Looks like the  issue of Greece’s debt and economy has been pushed back for a little while longer

After months of acrimony, Greece finally clinched a bailout agreement with its European creditors on Monday that will, if implemented, secure the country’s place in the euro and avoid financial collapse.

The terms of the deal, however, will be painful both for Greeks and their radical left-led government, which since its election in January had vowed to stand up to the creditors and reject the budget cuts they have been demanding.

I wonder how the people who suffered from the banking restrictions, the unrest feel about their leaders making essentially the same deal that was offered months ago.

Does anyone really think the latest round of bailout will make a difference?

Greece had requested a three-year, 53.5 billion-euro ($59.5 billion) financial package, but that number grew larger by tens of billions as the negotiations dragged on and the leaders calculated how much Greece will need to stay solvent.

Greece has received two previous bailouts, totaling 240 billion euros ($268 billion), in return for deep spending cuts, tax increases and reforms from successive governments. Although the country’s annual budget deficit has come down dramatically, Greece’s debt burden has increased as the economy has shrunk by a quarter.

They’ve already did the same thing twice already. Starting to look like a bad real life version of “Ground Hog Day” without the principals actually learning anything.
Not in Greece, not in the Eurozone, not in America or China. No one seems to be taking the issue to heart and making actual reform or changes to stave off disaster.

I hope that I’m just being alarmist here. What do you think about the state of the economy?


Big Bad Bikers

After the incident in Waco, bikers are a little more in people’s awareness in this area. Last Friday, I was at a gas station on the way to the range. Waiting to meet my brother and sister-in-law, I was people watching (aka situational awareness) for about 15 minutes when two bikers pulled in to fill up.

Now the previous clientele had been the usual mix; family of 6 piling out of a mini-van, men and women just getting a fill up and a soda, etc. The two bikers weren’t that far out of the norm but definitely in full regalia; blue jeans, boots, leather vests. Didn’t see any colors on the back through.

Nothing to be greatly concerned about but I did pay a little more attention to them. They parked at the first available pumps; about 3 or 4 away from each other. One shut down immediately and moved to the pump. The other — well, I couldn’t figure out what he was doing until I saw him take off his helmet and remove a blue tooth head set. Clue number one to ease my concern.

Clue number two was the tune blasting out of the stereo……..Don’t you (forget about me) by Simple Minds.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I laughed or sung along with the soundtrack until he shut it down.

Situational awareness can be used to keep life interesting and fun.

Well, They Invited Me Back…

for a 3rd day, so it must be official.

I’m employed again.

Now most everyone never even knew I wasn’t employed; sorry about that but due to paranoia and a slight bout of “meh” it was something that I never shared on the blog. The paranoia was partly due to the increased likelihood an company would do a search on my name and find this blog. I really didn’t want potential employers reading anything too controversial on the first page.

One day I’ll explain more about how I lost my last job; the one at the home improvement type company. Even after several months, I don’t think I can explain without ranting….and that isn’t what I want to do – here at least.


More details later; last couple of days have been stressful and I’ve not slept well.