Scattered Thought with a 40% Chance of Coherency

Been one of those weeks; while it’s settled down from the first part, still difficult to find my groove on getting new posts up.



It has been bad in the evenings; seems many Texans loose the ability to function behind the wheel of a vehicle when any amount of water is on the ground, falling or about to fall.
Wednesday coming home took twice as long as usual; 90 minutes is just too long and that is avoiding the congested freeways.


My thoughts on the subject?   — What is President Obama trying to distract us from.


It’s going great and travel has slacked off for this month. Already planning a couple of trips for January though. Great to have a job for the holidays, bad part is no chance to build up P.T.O.; so while the rest of the office is out for a shutdown, I’ll be there. Oh Joy.

The Interview 

Hopefully Sony is playing this for big stakes. Would love to see them “change their mind” and release the movie nationwide over the Christmas break. Maybe it is cynical of me but I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the huge amount of free publicity they are getting; unless there was something taken in the hack that is truly damaging.


Why is it people don’t accept that violence is a part of the human condition as much as love or kindness?
A blogger I read was bemoaning the fact we’ve lost our humanity because we keep going on after such atrocities as happened in Pakistan. Sorry but through out our history that has been the way it is. Life Goes on.
People can be loving and kind. People can be cruel and evil. Most are some where inbetween and often exhibit some aspects of any position on the spectrum at at the same time. We really haven’t changed our nature, just improved the tools we used.

And that gives me hope.
And that makes me weep for us.


The “Free Drinks List” Grows

Every now and then I come across a story that prompts me to make the offer; if this lady is ever in the area, I would like to buy her a drink.


Darn it, video starts in auto play — sorry folks – check below the fold for a good story.

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Why Do I Carry?

ARLINGTON — Arlington Police are looking for a man suspected of committing two bank robberies in a span of 15 minutes on Wednesday.

the man, described as 5-foot-7 and in his early- to mid-20s, appears to have robbed a Bank of America at 11:45 a.m. and a Frost Bank 15 minutes later.

Those locations, in the 4200 block of W Green Oaks Boulevard and the 5500 block of W Arkansas Lane, respectively, are approximately two miles apart from each other.

Arlington police were investigating three bank holdups














Because criminals exist.
My house is somewhere on that map. For obvious reasons I’m not going to be more specific. My shopping is done primarily in stores in that area. The bank branches I use personally and the ones for the Club are in that area.

2 day crime map Dec 2014That map is displaying just two (2) days of reported crimes in the Arlington area. Crime happens. Despite what the anti-rights cultists would like us to believe, not every criminal is just out for food to feed their starving kids. Some want to hurt others. Some want to make money the easy way.
And what the anti-rights cultists don’t get is I’m not afraid of criminals. I don’t live my life quaking in fear that I may be robbed or carjacked.

I take sensible precautions and that does include carrying a firearm where I legally/morally can. I keep an eye out for possible trouble and act accordingly. Then I simply go about my business.
Unlike the antis who want to control the actions of everyone — at least the armed and law abiding folks — and what they carry or don’t.

During the holiday seasons, crime typically goes up. Stating that fact isn’t being afraid either, it is just a recognition that criminals are more active because people are carrying more money, gifts, etc.
So keep a weary eye out folks. We may be on Christmas break but the criminals aren’t.

Please join the discussion.


Edited to Add — Miguel posts about why he carries also – could also be a ‘why are gun control advocates so violent post’.

Time is Fleeting….

…and has been spent (and will be spent) on other activities than blogging.

Sorry it’s the holiday season; Saturday night we had a Christmas party, Sunday was potluck at the Church and last night was “Cookies and Cocoa” at Nana’s house — yummy.

Tonight is Club meeting and in December; that means our Annual Christmas party and our Annual elections. Been a little busy so far.

I’ll try to find a few minutes to post about something today — but really want to dig into a couple of current events like the Sydney hostage situation and the massacre in Pakistan. In order to talk about those, it will take a while.


In the meantime, enjoy Pentatonix — Mary, Did you know?



Person of Interest — Share the Video Please

Fort Worth police have asked for the public’s help in identifying a man wanted in connection with a homicide investigation.

Detectives released surveillance video showing a man wearing a dark-colored hoodie and a light-colored hat.

A clerk at the Military Gun Supply store at 2901 South Cravens Road was shot multiple times at around 6 p.m. Saturday. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Corporal Tracey Knight said the clerk shown in the video is the same one that was killed.

“The clerk died a very violent death. Whoever killed the clerk is a very violent person,” she said. “We just need to talk with this person.”

If you have any information about the man being sought for questioning, call Fort Worth police at 817-335-4222 or Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.




I have shopped at Military Gun Supply many times. Many times Eric was the person who helped me. We’ve talked — just the normal gun store chitchat — half a dozen times or more. If you know the person in the video — please contact the police or Crime Stoppers.


Ever since I dumped Sitemeter the attempts to hack into my blog have pretty much stopped.

As in I can’t find an attempt ?


Anyone else notice the same thing?

The BS Rule of Drivers in Traffic

Simply states “During Rush Hour traffic, you will encounter one #$%#^^, jerk/inattentive driver per mile that you have to commute. Unfortunately some of them are going the exact same way you are for most of that distance”


My new commute is 29 miles. Takes about an hour to go that distance.


Time to decompress — wonder if I have any Bacardi Limon left in the pantry.