Hope They Remember….

…it’s a reason to be Thankful.


Quite an expensive accident this morning!
According to unconfirmed reports on social media, this McLaren P1 sports car (with a value of $1,000,000+) was heavily damaged in a crash near Dallas. The exact location is not known. The accident reportedly occurred this morning. Anyone with more information can share below in the comment section.
(Pic: @davesplace on Instagram)


Well, at least they can be thankful to have survived and probably not been too badly hurt based on the picture……but man — 1 Million dollars ! Ouch.



Don’t Let It Be Just One Day

Here lately, I’ve been thinking a long about being thankful. I mean by “lately” as in the last 6 months or so. It’s been a tough time; long hours at work, success at passing two certifications for the company, getting fired, being unemployed for a month, looking for a job and finding one.

Then there has been the travel; first month on the job and I traveled 3 out of the 4 weeks. Did I mention that my wife’s Blazer finally gave up the ghost in the midst of all this and we had to find transportation for her?

And all of it has served to remind me how much I have to be thankful for.
My health, such as it is.
My wealth, such as it is.
My family, — wonderful people, including my in-laws whom I feel especially blessed to have.
My friends, including you folks, who have stuck by and have been incredibly supportative.

We’ve weathered the storm, just riding out the last lingering showers and rumbles of thunder so the new year looks promising. Not only did we weather the storm, we really came through in good shape.
We might have had a few skimpy meals but we ate. We might have been a day (or more) late paying bills but we paid them. We didn’t have to use just one bulb and move it from room to room in order to save electricity (although I thought about it).

So just a request, a small reminder, to stop and remember how much we have to be thankful for. Not just tomorrow but every day.

I’m blessed beyond my imagination.


Thanks Friends.


Same Story, Two Different Verses

First off we have a department taking action (thankfully) about an excessive force situation.

Back in June, Officer Jesus Martinez was caught on camera by a witness straddling and handcuffing a panhandler who was face down on the ground.

Martinez was seen roughing up the man, and later told the department that he had to use pepper spray because the man was resisting arrest.

Police say in the video it’s clear that the man is in extreme pain. A second witness told police that Martinez tackled the panhandler after they exchanged words.

An investigation by Internal Affairs found that Martinez used unnecessary and/or inappropriate force. He was arrested and charged with Official Oppression, which is a Class A Misdemeanor.

Martinez was also fired from the department, where he had worked since 2006


Of course not mentioned is what has happened to other people in the city since June. I applaud the city of Dallas for taking steps to right the wrong. But I do have to ask the antis “Do you think the police would be LESS violence, LESS brutal if the people were unarmed?”

I don’t think so.

Next up we have news from my home town

ARLINGTON – The Arlington Police Department has opened an internal, criminal investigation into the possible illegal sale of accident reports to lawyers and injury clinics.

One department employee has been placed on leave as allegations swirl about an illegal business-solicitation ring.

Yep, seems some ‘unnamed employee’ was providing attorneys and medical clinics with information they shouldn’t have.

I also applaud the city for acting on this. Given the time frame, this really is acting fast on information. Still makes you wonder what other information has been compromised, what other data has been passed on to unscrupulous people?

So I’ll ask the antis “Do you think the police would be LESS corrupt if the people were unarmed?”

This types of problems are not unique to America, they are not unique to this time and place. Time and time again we’ve seen that basic human nature has not changed, not in this country and not in the thousands of years of documented human history. These are just two of the many examples of why the average person should not be disarmed. There has to be a final check on the abuse of power; that check has to stay in the hands of the individuals.


Please join the conversation.

It Is Not “Just….”

…poverty. Or ‘gun control’ or health care.

A recent exchange on another blog really highlighted this for me and I believe it is one of the greatest issues with people who blog only occasionally about issues. And even some of the people who delve deeply into the issues either don’t get it or gloss over the fact.

The issue on the other blog was about poverty and how we, Americans, aren’t doing enough to address the issue. Well, rarely is a problem singular or isolated in nature.
I pointed out how the laws, regulations, rules, etc create such a huge hurdle and administrative burden that few people can successfully start a new company or keep one going for more then a few months.
I pointed out how our education system is failing; due to the leftist policies implement over the decades.
I pointed out how our tax system is already skewed heavily and that increasing the progressive nature of the system moves our country toward socialism.

Many people forget to consider the impact or the direction which the moves takes our country. Or they deliberately discount the foundation behind our objections. “Oh come on, who doesn’t want to help feed the hungry”. No one but if it means we exist in a socialistic society the price is too high to pay.

I’ve started trying to point out this when I engage online. Maybe this is something that should be obvious and is to many others but I think it needs to be done.

Which brings me to my last “Just….” as in “Just another blog saying the same thing as many others”.

Please don’t let that stop you from saying it anyways. Don’t let it stop you from commenting; either on blogs or news media sites. All too often the silent majority is just that- silent. We need to speak up; to show those that have the same beliefs they are not alone. To show those who believe differently that we are paying attention, that we do oppose their ideas. Not their right to have them but where those ideas will take our country.

We need to raise such a strong consistent voice that it can not be ignored.

Speak up folks, don’t be afraid of sounding like an echo chamber. I’ve been amazed how one person can phrase things in a way to encapsulate the problem or solution better than everyone else has…..on a subject that just about everyone talks about.

Speak up folks, if for no other reason then the fact we can say “We told you what we wanted, we told you what would happened if you did this” if the time comes.


Please join the discussion.

Ego On Display

From last night’s speech

And to those Members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.


Hey President Obama, you pompous egotistical arrogant jerk — Congress has passed a BILL! It’s the current law you egotistical blowhard!

What you are really saying President Obama is ‘pass a bill that I lik’ and I won’t have to act without legal authority like I just did’.
Sorry but the unbridled hubris of this man just chaps completely raw.

Personally I encourage every illegal immigrant in the country to take up residence — IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
I mean, if President Obama is encouraging people to stick around after breaking the rules; why not let him support them himself — he can use the proceeds from his 2 autobiographies to cloth, feed and shelter all the illegals.


Fake But Accurate

“Hey Bob,this is your wife. Could you take a selfie and text it to me; I am having trouble picking you out of the crowd at the terminal”

Yeah, it’s been like that.


Definitely not in Kansas Toto.. ….Kansas was last week Bob! Please try to keep up




Did I mention I have a new job?

Did I mention that out of the 4 weeks I’ve been working for the company that I have traveled 3 of them?


Probably did but was likely just talking to myself.

An alternate title to this post was ‘Dude, where is my car?”
Answer — “Depends on what day it is.”

More later

I’m alive….

just not keeping ahead of the work to be done.

And the cold just makes me want to curl up in bed under a couple dozen blankets